Sunday, 24 April 2011

Secret Art Sale

Calling all artists - we will be having a Secret Art Sale at one of our future events, in aid of Chestnut Tree House, childrens hospice.

At our Art & Craft show in Arlington Village Hall on 9/10th july this year, we will be selling small canvases for £3 to artists who would like to be part of the Secret Art Sale. If you cannot make it to the show, you can send a SAE and cheque for your canvas.
Artists are asked to donate an original work on the canvas and sign the back only - keeping the artist's identity a secret until after the sale. Return your canvas to Arlington Arts Group and your £3 will be refunded (if you wish). The pictures will then all be exhibited (on a date to be confirmed) and sold for £15 minimum each. All profits will go to Chestnut Tree House.

The sale is open to well known, professional and amateur artists and celebrities - those buying the paintings will not know whose work they are buying!

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