Monday, 9 January 2012

Hailsham Shop Windows - space for artists.

There will be a changeover of artists displaying work in the empty shop windows in Hailsham High Street on 29th January.

If you would like to show work for approximately 8 weeks in a shop window exhibtion, please do get in touch. You would need to provide your own stands / easels, display your own work, insure your work for the exhibtion duration (29th January to 24th March), and collect your work when asked - if the shops are let during the exhibition time, you will be asked to remove your work, possibly at short notice.

This is part of the Hailsham Town Council's initiative for High Street Revitalisation in conjunction with the empty shop owners and the letting agents (Ross and Co). You may be asked to help clean up the interior of the shop when placing your work, if it has not already been done. You will be responsible for keeping the windows cleaned.

 This is not a commercial venture - it is an opportunity to show your work and help the appearance of the High Street. Pictures in the windows must not have any prices on them - you can put your own contact details in the window if you wish or Gallery North will kindly handle all enquiries about your work (for a small donation) so you will need to provide a list of the work with prices and either a 'map' of the window or photos of the work for the gallery stewards. There will be no commission on any sales but pictures will have to remain in the windows once sold until the end of the exhibition.

If interested please email asap or call Josie at Hailsham Creative on 01323 840 048 or leave a message for Jenny at Gallery North (70 High St, Hailsham) on 01323 846 938.

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