Monday, 19 March 2012

Empty Shop window - updates

[3rd Update - 13th June 2012 - well, it looks like we now have the use of the empty shops in the Quintins centre, 4 of which need some care and attention. We just need to arrange a suitable date to collect the keys and do some clearing and cleaning. If you are up for a spot of sweeping, bin-bag filling, hoovering and window-washing, please get in touch and we'll advise you of the date. Art can go in as soon as the cleaning is finished :)
The insurance for the windows for other shops is still being discussed so no more movement on those yet...]

[2nd UPDATE: All pictures have now had to removed from the shops being let by Ross & CO until insurance cover for the windows is sorted (by Hailsham Town Council). The 2 units owned by the Quintins are still in use by artists but one has a boarded up smashed window. The owners / agents don't seem in a hurry to fix it or remove the broken glass. Perhaps we can arrange to decoratively paint the board if it is staying put for a while. The boarded up window further down the high street was due to the window dropping in its frame, not due to vandalism. All we can do now is wait...]

[1st UPDATE: Despite an apparent vandalism attack on one of the windows, the work remains in all other windows and the next changeover should be on the weekend of 20th May - anyone interested, please get in touch. There will be a FLORAL theme to tie in with Hailsham in Bloom]

There are 5 empty shop units in prime, highly visible locations in Hailsham High Street just waiting for creative displays to make them look fabulous. They have all been cleaned up already and we will have access on Sunday 25th March so unloading and setting up displays shoould be much easier than in the week.
We have had paintings and photography in the windows for 3 x 8 week sessions now and they have been a great success. Although it is not a commercial venture and no prices are on view, several artists have subsequently been contacted and made sales and recieved commissions as a direct result of their work being seen. But we don't need to limit ourselves to paintings and photography: sculptures, pottery, needlecrafts and fashion will all lend themselves to being shown in the windows. The fact that units have been tidied up, the High Street looks much better AND some units have now been let is also testement to the success of the project as a whole.
This idea started in Hailsham 3 years ago when Gallery North managed to get some work in the empty windows as part of the High Street Art Trail during the Hailsham Arts Festival. Various issues meant that the project could not be repeated the following year, but with some new blood in the town council came a new project - High Street Revitalisation. Gallery North and Arlington Arts Group were asked if we would like to help place artists' work in the empty windows after a cleanup day was organised by the council and a team of volunteers. Once again, the Hailsham Arts Festival was the launch date of the project and we are delighted that the agents and owners of the properties are happy for it to continue and more units are being added to the 'portfolio'.
Anyone interested in showing some creative work in the windows, please do get in touch. The arrangement is that Cllr Steve McAuliffe is in charge of the keys and liaises with the agents. We arange a single day for work to go into / out of the windows. Artists bring their own display equipment, materials and, if electricity is switched on, they can bring LED lights on timers. A contribution to cover electricity costs would be the only charge. The work stays put for roughly 8 weeks (removal date arranged on set up day) UNLESS the unit is let beforehand, or work needs to be undertaken in which case the artist will be asked to remove the work at short notice. Work must be displayed to a high standard - the whole point is to make the empty shops look better. No prices may be displayed on any work as this is not a commercial venture, it is merely a showcase opportunity. Artists should insure their own work. Gallery North will handle any enquiries (for a small donation) or artists can display their own contact details in the windows. The windows must be kept clean by the artists - Xtreme Clean have agreed a very good price ( Dave: 01323 832768 Mobile : 07530 429933) or artists can do the cleaning themselves. Any questions? Get in touch via the How to Find Us page.

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Anonymous said...

Well, the latest is that some of the empty shops that currenetly have work in are now let, but those that will be available for Arty displays from Sunday 26th Marh are:
1 Vicarage Field - the butchers (one large window plus door area)
The large unit opposite the bus stop by the Quinitins's centre, next to taxi rank (2 large windows)
14 High St - Jingles (2 smaller windows)
16 high St - Smiles (2 large windows)
34 High St - Seymours (use top of window as mobility scooters in front of bottom of window in daytime)

Have a look, if you are interested in showcasing work in any of these windows GET IN TOUCH ASAP - decide how you'd disaply your work and let's see some examples please.
We have been asked that we do not show any 'controversial' work (anything that may cause offence in any way) or nude images.