Friday, 29 June 2012

More Art blooms in Hailsham Empty Shops

A team of 9 gathered on Wednesday evening to clean up 4 of the empty shops in Hailsham High Street and to display works of art to tie in with the Hailsham in Bloom floral theme. 3 hours and several bin bags later, having been scrubbed, scraped, buffed, polished, swept and dusted, all 4 shops sported gleaming windows full of original art, some of it by first time exhibitors. The exhibition runs from Wed 28th June to Wed 29th August when there will be another changeover of art ready for the Hailsham Arts Festival (8th - 16th Sept).

Get creating!
 We have the use of the Greengrocers inside the Quintins so we now need some bespoke pieces created to display as soon as possible - the frontage is made up of shutters of 28 windows which are 100cm wide by 25cm high and the work will need to be taped to the inside filling each window pane. If you are happy to create and *donate a suitable piece (*as it is being taped to the windows and the door is a shutter the work probably can not be removed without being damaged), please do let me know. The theme is Hailsham in Bloom so get creating!

Take part
If you would be interested in showing work in the future and/or  helping to clean up more of the empty sops in Hailsham, get in touch.

Josie Tipler and Jill Church

Viv Sang and Wendy Bysouth

Claire Redpath and Kirsty and Ian Davis

Rod Parker and Pam Robinson

And the cleanup squad also included Cllr Steve McAuliffe of Hailsham Town Council who is working hard to gain access to all of the empty shops to get them cleaned up and in use. If you want to discuss a project with Steve  you can contact him via the Town Council website.

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