Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Art Out! at the Wish Tower, 26th May.

hosted by Tania Long

Bank Holiday Monday

Arrive 11.30. Meet at Wish Tower Gardens, Eastbourne.

Distribute ourselves around the place and start making art.
The idea is to celebrate the Wish Tower and surrounding gardens, so use it as your inspiration:
Draw/paint/design a postcard or series of postcards
Sketch/photo details of architecture,use as inspiration for pattern design or abstract picture
Take rubbings, make a collage
(Tania will be making leaf prints)
Write poem/prose/atmosphere of the place
Write short sketch or story set in the Tower or surrounds
Knitters,how about some 'yarn bombing?
Fabric artists,jewellery makers, how about using textures and patterns in a piece of art?

Or how ever and in whatever way you feel inspired to make art today, its all about having fun,
celebrating the pier,and engaging the public interest in art.

Art Outs are NOT a selling event
As long as we are not: selling stuff,'obstructing the highway', 'making a nuisance (?) of ourselves' or 'being a fire hazard' (the mind boggles) its fine,
we're just 'busking'.

Come and have some creative fun in the sun!

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