Monday, 28 July 2014

Workshop with Ben Ecclestone

Seascapes in Mixed Media with Ben Ecclestone. 

Thursday 31st July, 7pm.
Arlington Village Hall
£5 each (£2.50 with 4 points on AAG loyalty card)

We have some chalk pastels and a few gouache paints that people can use but bring your own if you already have them. We have a few sheets of the watercolour paper to buy but try to get your own if you can as there may not be enough to go around.

Ben has specified the following:

 1. Paper - for this particular exercise you need to get Saunders Waterford watercolour paper 90lbs NOT. Bockingford could be a substitute but not so good. It needs to have a high  cotton content. Half Imperial size is fine and you can get it through the SAA or a supplier like Jackson. I also think that Hobbycraft in Lottbridge Drive stock it. Other substitutes just do not work and you will be dissappointed.
2. Paints - must be Gouache. Don't have to get a big range of colours just those suitable for the subject.
Watercolour or Acrylic is not suitable.  

3. Pastels - must be soft pastels. Not oil pastels, chalk or cheap substitutes.
4. Good size water bowls are needed.
5. Brushes - whatever you have but also bring some synthetic 'washing-up' sponges, small oblong kind available for about £1 for 12.
6. Kitchen roll.

Please bring newspaper AND plastic sheets if you have them to protect the tables.

Please arrive promptly to start at 7.

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