Friday, 3 October 2014

Painting on glass

6th Nov - art session at Arlington Village Hall, 7-9pm

Painting on glass workshop with Josie. £5 (£2.50 with active AAG loyalty card)

  • Bring a piece of glass (from an old frame is OK, but must be washed clean both sides)– to protect your hands you can keep the frame around the edge or wrap the sharp edges in masking tape;
  • a piece of sketching paper the same size as the glass;
  • a picture to work from (a portrait perhaps or a landscape...);
  • black permanent or acrylic ink or a thin PERMANENT pen that will take on glass;
  • Acrylic paints or gouache/watercolour and some washing up liquid;
  • something sharp to scratch with - could be a pin, scalpel, palette knife, corner of credit card.
  • Brushes including a fine one/ rigger.

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