Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Art History with Susanne Lawrence

Feb 26th Seminar on Art History with Susanne Lawrence. £5 (or £2.50 for AAG members with active loyalty card).
7-9pm, Arlington Village Hall. Please book your place 01323 485153.

Susanne will cover basic art history skills, skills that can enhance the viewing of art whether it it's architecture, sculpture, paintings, tapestry, costume, manuscripts, regardless of period or style or artist.  
The audience learn about observation skills, why a work of art might look the way it does, and how what is not known about it when revealed can change opinion and viewpoints of it. 
The seminars are practical with lots of audience participation. Skills being taught are practiced right then and there, until every one is happy with what they have learnt. 
Susanne uses plain language and moves forward at the pace of the audience so that no one is left behind.  The end goal is that anyone in the audience can use their new skills to enhance their enjoyment of art no matter the media or type.

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